Remove the background instantly

Our software can easily remove background of any uploaded or rendered AI image. You can also use the tool to remove backgrounds from non-AI photos or drawings.

First, click Get Started and make sure you’re logged in.

How to remove the background of an image

Step 1. First provide an image

You can either render or upload an image

We’ve created a this stylish woman using our AI, this person doesn’t exist.

Images at or around 768×768 work best.

Step 2. Under the image, click Tools and then Remove BG

A Remove BG button will appear as shown below on the bottom left.


Step 3. Choose the kind of image, and the background color

Tell the AI if this is a regular photo, or a comic or anime illustration.

Optionally set a new background color by clicking on the color picker. If you don’t see the color picker, try a different web browser.

Step 4: Click Remove Background

That’s all there is to it.


When there are multiple characters in a scene, it may get confused. It seems to choose the characters that are most well lit and whose faces are most clear. In Telegram, you can use the built-in mobile pen tool, or the inpaint tool to prep the image first.

Some lighting conditions and cluttered backgrounds may also result in a partial background removal. Prompting for “bokeh background” before rendering is the easiest way to get around this, as it will intelligently remove anything blurred in one shot.

Worst case, you can always inpaint the extra tiny details away.