Two Upscalers

HighDef is an upscaler that is focused on more details, whereas Facelift is more about pixel smoothing.

For Freshly-created AI images from a prompt, we recommend starting with HighDef and finishing with Facelift for best results. For uploaded photos, use Facelift instead (explained below)


The HighDef tool only appears after an image has been created, under the Tools menu.  So first create an image, click tools, and then click HighDef.

There’s nothing else to configure, it just works!  Easy as that.  You can take the upscale further with our second upscaler, the Facelift Tool.



Boost the quality of your AI and also uploaded photos with FACELIFT — up to or near 4K resolution.


Using HighDef before Facelift will produce the best results.

Just like turning on “beauty face” on your smart phone camera, facelift uses similar technologies to smooth fine details. This can sometimes result in overly smooth faces or loss of some unique facial details, like freckles or birthmarks. For semi-realistic and fantasy work, where the subject is supposed to look more smooth and 3d-like, it also works wonders.  For illustrated work and anime, there is a separate mode for this.

But more than often, the results are really impressive.

Upscaled using Photo Mode, no face retouching:

Upscaled image with Face Retouching On: